Weekend Virtues

by Boo Collector

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released October 29, 2015



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Boo Collector Portland, Oregon

Everyone is a walking ghost, I like to collect my boo's.

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Track Name: Carmichael
Falling down like stardust
Calling out like Carmichael
Reaching like a child
Cryin out 'we're wild'
spreading like the pollen
in the air its calling
but it ain't no demon
seeing is believing
Track Name: True Desire
He's taking money from me, he's taking money from you
Don't wanna set us free, just wanna sell us glue,
and even if your bleeding, he'll still cause you misery
and that's how he's feeding, the blood-sucking demon,
cause he won't back down, no the king won't give up the crown
to the people all around, they been kneeling on the ground
He wants us to have greed, and keep us drowning in pain, he wants us to be thieves, and slaves to his game. Cause even if your stealing he knows its for the right reason, he'll keep us pitted against each other when our true desire is to love one another, so go act now, lift your feet up off the ground, in a day you could make us proud, oh the leader of the crowd.
Track Name: Weekend
Do you wanna know why the walls are so high?
It doesn't seem right to you
cause lately girl we've been actin crazy
but i wanna say maybe
theres a chance you'll save me.
Is it really love at all
when everyday's withdrawal,
and I just end up stalling?
Oh when will she decide to end
my suffering and mend
these old wounds I've kept.
There's really nothing that could change my mind.
I looked into her eyes and they made me blind.
I spent the summer staying up all night.
So race me to the place
where we see the waves
and not a single face
cause you and me are always free
and babe its meant to be so endlessly
And we don't care what anyone else says
Don't say goodbye to freedom when the weekend ends
Forget about the hustle and the daily trends.
Don't wanna live that way.
I wanna take it slowly.
Could you be anything you want to be
in a world that's meant to be
everything you'd never need
and i just wonder Could you see
anything you want to see in a girl
that says she'll be everything you'd ever need
and I just wonder.
Everything you need wasn't anything at all.
Baby don't wait, cause there's no escaping
this paradigms ending.
I'd like to see where this goes
don't think anyone really knows but
I'd like to find out
There's really nothing more that I can do
I can't spend the whole summer feeling sorry for you
There's really nothing more that I can do
I can't spend the whole summer waiting around for you.
There's really nothing more that I can say
I can't let the whole summer just fade away.
Track Name: Nausea
If I could untether my heart and soul
Maybe I would make it out alive from this whole
People stand in shadows
they seldom show their face
I see no sense waiting but I only stand in place
and all I feel is nausea, the city has insomnia
What if this was all my elaborate game?
Where I make up the rules and have everyone else play
It's easy to equate disease with decay
but what if it could happen another way?
But all I feel is Nausea, the city has insomnia
it's gonna keep the world from tumbling down.
Track Name: Color Blind
Is it right to feel this way
In the light of day?
Cause if she's not around,
It's like I'm gum on the ground.
It isn't new,
feeling blue,
blind and confused
no resolution here, no
In this place I want to stay
even though it feels so strange
I saw the color fade to gray
then I laughed and back it came.
Red and Blue
in every hue
all part of you
coming through clear, woah,
Track Name: Sun & Rain
tired of comfort I feel too well rested
So hit the alarm babe I'm ready to live.
She's getting bored just living like kids
'wants my attention I can't really give
It's sunny and its raining and no one is complaining
Somebodys gotta say it, but its no use explaining
But I will try to say it once again, explaining once again
Now dreams Ive neglected don't seem hard to please
endless inspection without any need
Now its been so long since I checked the time
Help me remember who I am inside
and when I find out
Realize my lifes nothing to lie about
bring my heart to my hands let the seconds fall like sand
like the mountains capped in snow, in the morning I will glow
In the sun.
Track Name: Tidal Wave
I had to leave the city
just couldn't take it no more
So far from my home
and it ain't like before
back to the sunshine
and my sanity
yeah till kingdom com
I'll be sleeping on the beach
tidal wave wash me away
You've been a real good friend
since way back when
knocking on the locked doors
on the oceans floor
I know a day is coming
when everything will change
could be a new age or the end of days
tidal wave wash it all away
Track Name: Virtues
Here I go down the windiest road I know
Making sure I don't go slow
I gotta feeling inside my bones
think Im gonna let it show
but I saw you yesterday
and all my thoughts they fell away
and I'm still thinking here today
when your there the whole world fades
and maybe some other day
I can take you away
I would try to end this nonsense but I'm stuck
again and again but still no luck,
and when I find someone to love,
somehow its never quite enough
so today ill change my mind
aim the arrow chasing time
free my heart open my eyes
from the broken pieces rise
its what my virtues would say
I don't see it but I still believe it.
Track Name: Seeing Underneath
I don't want to see you sad
I didn't mean to act like that
I don't want to be afraid
Been looking for another way
Searching for meaning
inside a dream
and I got a feeling
Inside of me
I want to move my feet
On the open ground
I want to bring
everyone around
Now is the right time
don't wait a lifetime
I had a love she was like
just like the doves
flying in the sky
down from the rooftops
over city lights
she could never accept
anything but lies
Everyday i can't explain
why everyday feels the same
could never change
across the see
we can't agree but I still see
Whats underneath
will we ever know what it feels like
to loosen everything that binds us inside
I wanna do it cause I think well make it
It's our future so why don't we take it
And get the whole world turning right
I know your scared it'll be alright
There's always light at the end of night
and we don't ever have to say goodbye
Track Name: Refugio
Turn the key in the lock I think that I'm ready
Join your burden with mine alone its too heavy
Figured out what I want I'll hold my aim steady
All this feeling inside its breaking the levy
Don't know how I could find a different ending
Can't go on living a lie although it its tempting